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...and it goes BOOM!
Friday, 22 August 2008 10:00
Sata HDD
Well it has been a fun few days. I was in Slovenia for a project meeting from Sunday evening till Tuesday night. I was there with Barry from STI and we had a few hours to catch the train home, so we decided to grab some food. Closed the lid on my mac, unplugged it from the wall and stuck it in my bag. We went for dinner and then to the train station. Arriving in the train station I went to grab when my tickets out of my bag and my nice happy white Macbook was running white hot.... As you would expect standard Mick panicking set in. I opened the lid to a black screen, hit the power to turn it off and left it for about 20 mins to cool down a bit. Opening the lid and hitting the power button brought me to the standard white screen you see on boot but instead of a nice apple logo there was a little folder with a question mark in the middle. It was at this point that I buried my head in my hands.... Once the train made it back into Austria I was able to check the web on my iPhone and found out this sort of terminal hard disk failure in a mac is not unusual and that a mac waking up in bag is much easier than a windows laptop in a bag (Irish idiot learned something). Anyway I didn't lose much cos all my important data is on the external IOMega harddrive, I did lose some pictures from my recent holidays, a presentation I was working on for the rugby club, and a paper I have to submit in a few weeks for a seminar in the university (this one truly sucks). I have the mac back up with a new harddrive now, I was surprised how quick it is to get a mac up and running (probably twice as fast as installing windows) and getting apps up and installed worked very nicely. Currently I am shutdowning completely when moving the laptop around, but I am going to look into the hibernation feature of the Macbook (which apparently is there but apple don't expose - some nice people have made a tool to change the sleep settings).

My Macbook may have hurt me, but I still love it!

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