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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 15:03
Mick's MacYes, you read it right! I have become a Macophile!!!! I sit here writing to you on my beautiful white macbook, which works beautifully with my DELL monitor (much better than my IBM notebook ever did). The transition process was relatively painless and i now understand what my mac brothers and sisters have been going on about for so long! Its an absolute breeze to use but has the uber-configurability of a super computer. I am just amazed at how things just WORK! Having used windows since 3.1 days I am used to configuration hell when plugging things in, thousands of popups, "The device you plugged in is not working correctly", changing resolutions to make external displays work properly, thousands of windows on the start bar. I started the machine up plugged in everything I needed and it just worked... I invested in a nice aluminum keyboard and a mighty mouse (god i love the little roll ball on the top!) and an external firewire harddrive (white IOMega Ego powered off the firewire port - great piece of kit).

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