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Innsbruck win Gaudi Cup!
Monday, 30 July 2007 13:31

What a great weekend :) Innsbruck Men and Innsbruck Ladies both played in a two day tournament held annually in Marzoll, just outside Bad Reichenhall, on the German/Austrian border. There were 8 teams in total split into two groups for the first day and then the finals between the two groups being played on the second day. On Saturday we thus had 3 games against Nuremberg (21-21 draw, later changed to 21-28 to Nuremberg so they could get a better draw on the sunday - very dodgy), Womens Rugby Club Innsbruck (seriously fun game, the rolling maul up the pitch with 7 guys and 7 girls all in it was my genius idea :)), and Bad Reichenhall II (we beat them by 40 points, don't remember the scores exactly).



So from our group Nuremberg and ourselves came out and Bad Reichenhall I and Augsburg came out of group 2. We were supposed to play Augsburg but due to the score change in the Nuremburg game we ended up having the harder game against bad Reichenhall I. We beat them by 3 tries to 1 and went on to meet Nuremberg in the final, which we won convincingly by 2 (or 3) unanswered tries. The winning team on the day consisted of Al, Ludwig, Mick, Stefan, Mark (South African Import), Les (South African Import), Stephen, Lawrence, and Paul (from Krems).



What was rather cool was the place we stayed in on Saturday night. The hotel was at 1600m on top of a mountain. We took a cable car up to it from Bad Reichenhall and had the whole hotel reserved for the one night. It was pretty insane, the amount of alchol consumed was huge and the levels of nakidity were off all scales. Thankfully for everyone elses eyes I managed to keep my kit on all night, though not many other people did. The picture below shows probably the best scene you can ever see through a toilet window anywhere in the world...



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