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Mallorca - I love my job
Tuesday, 17 July 2007 16:47

So having only just returned from holidays and a business trip to Barcelona, I discovered that I needed to go to Mallorca to present some work I did on the branding of STI International. Needless to say that 5 days in Mallorca, with the obvious benefit of finding an hour here or there to bathe in the sun was a very nice prospect :) Michal, Ilona, Elena and myself traveled on Thursday morning and 9 hours later we arrived Sa Coma, Mallorca. Thankfully the meetings did not start till 2pm on Friday, so there was plenty of time to sunbathe, swim and have a few beers.



The meetings were fairly meetingy, we had some great food in the evenings at a few great mallorcan restraurants. The first night I ordered lamb, which was the most tender lamb I have ever had in my life (see photo below). Antonio from CITC in spain then explain that I had ordered a special time of lamb which in english translates as milklamb, as the lamb is so young that it has only had its mothers milk. So I felt guilty but very satisfied with the wonderful food :)



I am still off the smokes and now I am off the patches. All is going well, still getting cravings but only when i am in the office, which is strange and rather annoying. Going out for a few beers with friends tonight, so hopefully I survive that :) 

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