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Journal Papers
Mick Kerrigan, Adrian Mocan, Elena Simperl, and Dieter Fensel: Modeling Semantic Web Services with the Web Service Modeling Toolkit , Journal of Network and Systems Management, Volume 17, Number 3, 326-342, Springer New York, September, 2009, issn: 1064-7570 [link]
Tomas Vitvar, Jacek Kopecky, Jana Viskova, Adrian Mocan, Mick Kerrigan and Dieter Fensel: Semantic Web Services Architecture with Lightweight Descriptions of Services, in Marvin Zelkowitz (ed) Advances in Computers Volume 76 "Social Networking and the Web", Academic Press, June 2009 [link]
Tomas Vitvar, Adrian Mocan, Mick Kerrigan, Michal Zaremba, Maciej Zaremba, Matthew Moran, Emilia Cimpian, Thomas Haselwanter and Dieter Fensel: Semantically-enabled Service Oriented Architecture : Concepts, Technology and Application, Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Springer London, 2007, issn:1863-2386. [link]

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